Healing starts with Forgiveness and...good food.

This April 2017 new moon in Taurus brings energy for healing and manifestation. For me the healing begins with forgiveness. Forgiveness that I am human, and I make mistakes in order to learn and become the brightest expression of my soul. It seems easier to forgive others actions and aggression's against me, and so much harder to find that same compassion for myself. I will forever be a work in progress, and that is a beautiful thing.

Seeking my strength!
I have found myself struggling with the gravity of the current government situation and looming threat of Nuclear War. It is disheartening, and yet there is no option to give up or stick my head in the sand. I am trying to find forgiveness of myself for my current withdrawal from activism. Instead I have focused my energy on plunging deeply into training for my upcoming Half Marathon and Olympic Triathlon. It is imperative that I care for my physical body in order to summon the strength to keep up the #Resistance. I am pretty pro…

Self-care for the Resistance

Today an idea sparked, while I was preparing the most amazing breakfast, that will hopefully bring  this blog back to life. I am making a weekly post promise to bring messages and tools for self care in this epic time of Resistance! We can not be successful in our pursuits to bring humanity and integrity back to the White House if we are not standing in our own personal power and strength. 
I have oscillated between exhaustion, disbelief, and righteous indignation. I have spent more hours calling Washington and my local and state representatives than I ever thought possible. There have also been times that I just went back to bed because hope seemed lost. I refuse to give up, and I want to help everyone else keep up the good fight. We can only do that if we continue to nourish ourselves and each other.
Today's message is to nourish your body with fresh air and good food. I used this recipe to make the rainbow chard for my breakfast. I added over easy eggs with some sriracha for e…

Going, going... Gone (and Goofy for good!)

The morning of the first race was so cold! I couldn't feel my hands and we were at the start by 3:30 am. I was shivering until we actually started at 6:15 am. Winter racing is unpredictable, even in Florida!

 We did it! We all finished! It may have taken me longer, but I didn't quit!

work out ideas

one legged (squats, pistol squat or figure 4 squat)
bicep curl
tricep extension
push up (static push up or moving)
superman static hold
squat jumps
single arm side row (handles intertwined)
straight arm press/row
one arm bent/other straight press, row
overhead press
feet in straps plank knee pull into chest or pike

plank transitions
plank saw
one legged plank
side plank with rotation under
side plank
windshield wipers
v ups
full rollups
leg lifts
reverse crunch
ball slams
ball transition

Full body
mountain climbers
push up with rotation
inch worm
ape crawl
everest hops
medicine ball wall toss with squats
turkish get up

reverse lunges
walking lunges with rotation
lunges with medicine ball on one shoulder
step ups
box jumps

Push ups
push ups with rotation
ball push ups
tricep push ups
static push up
one hand on ball push up
kettle bell swing
tricep press with weight/kettlebell
shoulder press
overhead press
big ball: roll out, push up, knee in
bosu: plank…

Goodbye & Good Riddance 2015!

I know that hard times cultivate the most growth, but this year was almost too much to bear. I started 2015 by turning 40 and running a marathon and a half in two consecutive days. Returning home from that race, I was tired. I didn't want to run any more. I wanted to rest, to eat, to drink, and to just be. I did all of those things, and then my world was turned upside down. I have had more stress this year, than ever in my life. I am not sure that I have coped with my stress in the best way. I ate too much, drank way too much, and got a bit lost. In short, I think this blog is perfectly titled as I am still seeking my strength.

Looking back on 2015, I find that I made it through and thankfully my family is still intact. We all survived. I am ready to move beyond the lessons that 2015 brought, to say thank you but no more!

I am ready for the dawn of 2016, and I am excited. I am not waiting for January 1st to make the changes I desire. I felt the pull to start at the winter solstice…

The Daily Battle of the Bulge...maintain not gain!

I was reading my US weekly mag today, aka "girl porn", and came across the "Life after Loser" article by Eric Anderson & Brad Witter. It was, as expected, a puff piece celebrating the 10 yr anniversary of the Biggest Loser show and spotlighting 5 contestants and their 600 lb collective weight loss.

I have been a fan of the show for the last 10 years and even began my weight loss journey using their pay program with great success. I still cook from their cookbooks and the other recipes I got from their website frequently. However, I have always been bothered by the extreme weight loss contestants experience during such a short period of time and the complete lack of support they receive after their season wraps. It seems they gain a significant portion of their weight back.

At this point in my journey I am highly concerned with maintenance. I would love to drop this last 20 stubborn lbs, but as long as I am maintaining I am happy. In fact, I recently had anothe…

No Setback, only Comebacks

I have had a great summer. It was so fantastic to travel with my family and feel really good about myself the entire time. However, now that I have returned from my last trip it is time to get honest. I ate unhealthy foods, I drank more alcohol than I needed, and I stopped lifting weights. The result of all of those things is: my clothes are tight, I am tired, and I just don't feel as good as when Dare to Lose ended. The way I see it these are my options:
Let it completely derail all of my accomplishmentsBe afraid to go back to the gym out of embarrassmentGet back on track and use all of the tools I have gained to hit my goal I am choosing number 3. Although I am not going to pretend that I haven't thought about #2 a lot. 

 All of this travel has taught me something about myself: this journey will be a lifelong process and I am never giving up. It is ok, I am ok. I had an active summer full of hitting my running goals. I was able to PR a 5k and finish in the top 10 of my age g…