Going Goofy For Good!

In 260 days I will head out on an adventure of epic proportions. I have just registered for runDisney's Marathon Weekend Goofy's Challenge 2015 and I am setting a fundraising goal of $1,000!  Marathon weekend is incredible. In 2013 a group of friends and I met there and ran the Donald half-marathon. For many of us it was our first attempt at that distance, and such an amazing experience. 
The Donald Half Marathon 2013! The guys were fast and aren't pictured.

We have decided to come together again, and three of us are going Goofy! Marathon weekend offers a wide range of races, everything from little kid dashes, 1 mile fun run, family 5k, 10k, half marathon, and the marathon. Then the races get crazy; you can run the half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday (this is Goofy) or you can be Dopey and run all of them (race everyday from Thursday to Sunday). Disney is a magical place indeed as it makes the impossible possible. The finisher medals are also crazy amazing and make the training and pain worth it, but be warned they are addicting. If you get a chance, run on an anniversary year because those medals are extra special. This year is the 10th anniversary of the Goofy Challenge so it is a spinner medal!
It will be mine! Love that he is upside down, I am sure I will feel the same.

I am doing this almost 40 miles in honor of turning 40! My birthday is the weekend before this race, and what better way to celebrate than 40 miles for 40 years. Over the last three years running has changed my life in many ways. I would like to use this as an opportunity to give back. I must admit that I am terrified of committing to the training that is necessary to not only run a marathon, but to do it the day after completing a half marathon. I think that the fundraising aspect will also help to keep me motivated to train and to remember that I am running for all of those who can't.  I have my Crowdrise page set up. All you have to do to support me is to click on this link and donate to my campaign. I am fundraising for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.  PH affects all ages, check out the PHkids4acure Facebook page to support the children battling this devastating disease. I know one beautiful little girl, Maddie, who is fighting this battle. Her parents will be running with me during this event, and I am dedicating this to her.  Crowdrise is a philanthropic platform for raising money. I have set up my site to donate directly to the PHA, so I will not handle any of the funds received. If you want to know how it works read more about it here. I hope that if you are reading this you will consider helping me reach my goal. There is no amount too small. If I can get 100 people to donate $10 then I will hit it!


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